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Metal Jack


Hokuto No Ken
Revised review
-New Anime Video Game Reviews- 15/02/07
Metal Jack
(Super Famicom)
New- with cover scan
-Updated Anime Video Game Reviews- 14/02/07
(Mark III)
Revised review
Hokuto No Ken
Revised review
-New Anime Video Game Reviews- 12/02/07
(Mark III)
With cover scans
Hokuto No Ken
(Mark III)
1st of the revised reviews!

Anime Video Game (05/02/07) Finally after years of searching I've found and played
Bubblegum Crisis: Crime Wave (PC88). As the only game produced for this popular series it's been unexpectedly tricky to track down. Check it out!

Anime Video Game (26/01/07) One final update for One Piece fans...
One Piece (WonderSwan) x2, One Piece (GBC) x2. All with cover scans! Stay tuned for more updates!
New Anime Video Game (24/01/07) Two more One Piece WonderSwan games. One more to go...
New Anime Video Game (17/01/07) Time for a series that is a little more up-to-date than usual.
One Piece x2 (WonderSwan) both with cover scans.
New Anime Video Game (16/01/07) Okay so my promises of one game a day were soon broken...
Neon Genesis Evangelion (WonderSwan) with cover scan. More tomorrow... for certain!!
New (10/01/07) Ok, ok so it's a little late but it was my birthday this week so cut me
some slack, huh? New today... Shuten Doji (PC-98) & Ranma 1/2 (PC-98).
Thanks for all your emails and Game Comments! Keep 'em coming!!
New (04/01/07) Today's update... Gundam Final Shooting (Arcade). More tomorrow!
NEW (03/01/07) The first update of the year and it's a big'un!
Crayon Shin Chan Day!! Famicom, Super Famicom, Sufami Turbo, Mega Drive,
Gameboy x3 and Arcade x2. Plus more tomorrow...

NEW (15/12/06) Ahead of the upcoming massive update I bring you: SD Gundam Psycho Salamander (Arcade), and the first of the well overdue review re-writes...
SD Psycho Salamander 2 (SFC). As always I welcome all your emails and comments.

(14/12/06) Added several new links to the links page. Check out...
Anime Vs Games, a great resource for DVD and game reviews.
Red Emeralds, a fascinating list of all instance of censorship in entertainment.
Many more games coming soon!

NEW (05/12/06): It's been quiet for a while and here's why... massive update!
3x3 Eyes (PC-98), Astro Boy (FC), Captain Tsubasa J (GB), Kekko Kamen (PC-98), Kimagure Orange Road (PC-98), Legend of Galactic Heroes (FC & PC-98),
Macross (PC-98), Oh My Goddess! (PC-98), Sailormoon (SFC), Tekkaman Blade (PC-98)
and Yu Yu Hakusho (FC). Loads more coming soon! Please leave your comments!
NEW (23/11/06): Patlabor day! Added: Patlabor for Super Famicom and PC-98.
Loads more coming soon!
NEW (22/11/06): Added with cover scan Robotech (GBA).
NEW (16/11/06): Added with cover scans... Gunbuster (PC-98).
Loads more soon including Robotech, Patlabor & Ah My Godess.
NEW (15/11/06): Added with cover scans...
Robotech (Xbox) & the infamous Urotsukidoji (PC-98)!!
NEW (31/10/06): Added Tenchi Muyo (PC-98) & Tenchi Muyo (PC-FX),
with videos and box covers.

NEW (30/10/06): Added Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Saturn)
with cover and spine scans. Videos soon.

NEW (27/10/06): Added Slayers (PC-98) with cover scans.
Coming soon... Tenchi Muyo x2, Macross and loads more!

NEW (19/10/06): Updated Macross (SFC) including video.

NEW (10/10/06): 3x3 Eyes (MCD), Area 88 (Arcade), Devastator (MCD),
Dragonball Z (Arcade), Ghost in the Shell (PSX).