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Speed Racer the Demon Acrobats    
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Mazinger Z Mountain Video The Adventures of Pinocchio Ringo Rides West Mountain Video
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The Brave Frog The Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure
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Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid Time Fighters Time Fighters in the Land of Fantasy
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Samurai Pizza Cats White Fang aka Hashire! Shiroi Okami or Flight of the White Wolf
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Sailor Moon dubbed by DIC Secret of the Seal
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2. Sci-bots Vol. 7
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1. Sci-Bots Vol. 7
2. Time Fighters
3. Dallos
4. Thunder Sub
5. Super Book
6. Dracula Sovereign
7. Mazinger Z
8. Future War 198X
9. Warriors.. the Wind
10. Thunderbirds
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Codename Robotech

Codename: Robotech
You all know this one...