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  Star Warrior - The Legend Continues
1989 | Unicorn Pictures.
Star Warrior Part 2 Banno Atlas Home Video Unicorn Pictures

So here we are... part two of the Locke triple bill. Will Locke succeed in thwarting Lady Cahn's evil scheme and what will become of young Jessica?

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Star Warrior: Part Two

Without any recap we head straight into part two. Planet Lonwall and an out-of-control shuttle is on a collision course with a populated area. Locke is quick to act and teleports onto the stricken craft's wing. Using his considerable psychic ability he redirects the shuttle to a safe landing on the outskirts of the city much to the relief of the men in the control tower. Nearby Cornelia and her gang of Espers watch the action, amazed at Locke's capabilities. Against her orders one of the gang attacks the Superman, mistakenly believing he will be able to defeat him as he recovers from the draining rescue.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

The battle is tough but even in his weakened state Udo is no match for Locke. With the enemy Esper trapped Locke is moments from getting the information he needs until Cornelia intervenes, vaporising one of her own men to stop him divulging Asteroid Cahn's location. The woman psychic introduces herself and urges the powerful boy to join their side but again he steadfastly refuses. The remaining six supersoliders teleport away leaving Locke no wiser to the location of their reclusive leader.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

Ryu Yamaki visits Amelia in hospital and together they make plans for the future. The Colonel tells her he will buy her a house where she can train herself to be his wife! This touching seen of dodgy dialog is interrupted when Locke drops by. Outside Amelia's room the two men have a happy reunion until Yamaki's future wife butts in.

The moment she see Locke Lady Cahn's programming kicks in! Instantly recognising him as the man she believes killed her "mama and papa" her ESP powers rage out of control! Windows shatter and her hate fuelled psychic blasts catch Locke the Superman unprepared hurling him down the corridor. With her beloved Yamaki supposedly subdued Amelia composes her final attack- raising the hundreds of shards of shattered glass into a deadly projectile. Ryu leaps to his friends defence just as she let's loose this fatal assault. Using his own body as a shield the Colonel absorbs the shard's piercing attack. The shock of accidentally wounding the man she loves momentarily shakes Cahn's mental control. The girl becomes confused and panics- not knowing what to do to regain control of her own mind she has only one drastic course of action left and takes it. She uses her own considerable psychic powers against herself and seals her own mind, putting her into a deep coma from which she may never awake.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman
Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman   Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

In the aftermath of the attack a wounded but recovering Locke and Ryu Yamaki discuss Amelia. Having found her secret photograph the green haired Esper now knows the truth and reveals to his friend that Amelia is in fact a super powerful Esper called Jessica. Explaining the full extent of the girl's power he continues deeper into her background revealing that Lady Cahn recruited and then specially trained Jessica, aware of her full potential, with the express purpose of using her to kill Locke. She had a man disguised as the Superman murder the girl's parents in front of her and then engineered all the recent events to this end.

Ryu is is reluctant to believe that the girl's feelings for him are simply fake programming. He gets so worked up that he tears off his own bandages vowing to kill Lady Cahn himself. Locke has some good news too. He has found the location of Asteroid Cahn within Jessica's mind! Together they fly there in their impressive CGI space shuttle.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

Meanwhile, on the Asteroid, Cornelia reflects on Locke's harsh words while taking a well deserved gratuitous shower. Her bathing is interrupted by an alarm triggered by the approaching spaceship so she rushes to get prepared, flashing a boob at the camera in the process. Dressed in full armour she hurries to defend their base.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

Locke and Yamaki teleport into the stronghold and it's not long before Cornelia's Esper team have located them within the 'Holy Mother Zone'. In this peaceful paradise of flowers and floating petals Yamaki roughly questions one of Cahn's chosen ones as to the mysterious leaders whereabouts. Her answers is typically bizarre: "Lady Cahn is here and everywhere. She's in here and here too." This line of questioning is clearly getting them nowhere so it's not such a nuisance when Cornelia and her combatant team interrupt. Predictably a fight breaks out and the battling Espers teleport, leaving Yamaki a captive of the Holy Mothers.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

Locke races through the base, beating down all the Espers that oppose him at every turn. Eventually he runs once more into Cornelia and the combatants within the 'Conversion Kiln' a place where use of 'Ultra Ability' is strictly prohibited as it could cause a deadly explosion. Locke uses this to his advantage disabling the Espers one-by-one until he is left with only Cornelia herself in his way. Stripped of the use of her psychic powers the woman attacks Locke with a sword instead but the Superman skillfully dodges the blade every time. Soon she is disarmed and subdued and when she refuses to give up Lady Cahn's location Locke reads it from her mind. Cornelia is confused as to Jessica's motives for saving Director Yamaki's life by sealing her own mind. She won't believe that she would rather kill herself than a human. Locke teleports himself to confront Lady Cahn leaving the woman unsure what to believe in.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

Locke enters Cahn's hiding place and it seems the rumours were true, she has sealed her soul into a giant computer. The mastermind reveals that the shuttle accident was just a cover story and ten years ago she had herself absorbed into a computer in order to gain eternal life. The computerised witch attempts to reason with Locke but he is not listening. He uses his psychic powers to destroy the computer system even though it will mean the eventual destruction of the Asteroid itself. But soon he realises that the crazy woman hasn't been telling him the whole story.

Locke locates a hidden door and finds himself in what Lady Cahn refers to as the Ruler's Chambers. As he prepares to make the final blow to destroy her system Cahn reveals some startling news. She has Yamaki captive in that very room and an attempt by Locke to attack her or rescue him will end in his instant death. Outside the chamber Cornelia listens to her leader's every word. From behind a reflective wall the maniacal Cahn reveals that with Locke dead she'll have no further need for her Esper army who she regards as worthless. In fact once the powerful Esper is out of the way her plan can carry on without any assistance and soon her new order will control the universe.

With these triumphant words Lady Cahn finally reveals her true self! No longer recognisable as a human she is nothing more than a hideous, electronically augmented, rotten corpse kept alive by wires, tubes and pipes within a liquid filled glass jar. Locke is momentarily shocked by her disgusting reality but manages the insult "Ugliness is you all over!" The crazed monster advances on him in her mechanical contraption, spikes appearing from the front. Laughing manically she drives one of the sharp spikes right into Locke, knowing that he cannot move without triggering the death of his captive friend. She reverses it out and then drives it in again, taunting Locke as his blood rapidly pools around his feet.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman
Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

Cornelia watches in horror as a mechanical tentacle extends from the machine. It's clear to her that this is a gun and Lady Cahn intends it to be the fatal blow. She can watch no longer and bursts in to confront her leader. Incensed by the woman's selfish use of her friends lives Cornelia attacks reflecting a laser blast right back at the aggressor. The glass case shatters and the life support system goes up in flames incinerating Cahn's vile remains.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

The death of the cult's ruler brings about the collapse of the Asteroid. Thinking quickly a badly weakened Locke orders Cornelia to assemble her Esper team in the generator room and she agrees. The fire in the Conversion Kiln goes out and the Asteroid's protective barrier is lost. Locke attempts to cast a barrier of his own making around the Asteroid but he is too weak. He instructs Cornelia to combine all the Espers mental energy together to lift the base and they do but the strain causes the man-made planet to break apart and it plummets. All seems lost. Cornelia teleports back and frees Yamaki who forms a plan to control the Asteroid as it falls through the deadly gas cloud below. So long as they avoid it's core they'll be fine. The passage through the mass is tense but thanks to the Colonel's plan they make it out alive.

The crisis is averted and Locke is nearly fully recovered. He teleports to Cornelia's aid who became badly injured during the decent. Her uniform is torn and she is wounded. Can you guess where? That's right just below her chest! Locke heals the wound and tells her to stay strong so that she can survive to cure Jessica. She agrees and together they combine their powers and remove the programming from Jessica's mind remotely. The task is completed and the two are relieved. Locke seems to be developing feelings for his former foe.

The crisis over Yamaki explains what will become of Cornelia. Apparently she will be found guilty of "Rebellion" and have her memory revised: "She'll love flowers and never think of evil ever again then she'll be just a gentle girl." Locke turns down the offer of a job with the Federation and teleports. Ryu Yamaki returns to Jessica in hospital who he still confusingly refers to as 'Amelia'. A sex scene goes missing. Locke passes Cornelia as she leaves hospital. His hopes of giving her flowers are gone when he realises she no longer knows who he is.

Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman Chojin Locke aka Locke the Superman

A Japanese language song plays as snow falls and the character's lives return to normal.

Missing videos

Bad Dubbing!
A short collection of bad voice acting and crappy dialog

Colonel Yamaki & Jessica...
Cringe at the cloying dialog as their semi-doomed love blossoms

anime review verdict
Close adaptation
Original character names
  Good use of CGI
  Nice backgrounds
  Original Music
  Nice shiny video labels!
  Star Wars rip-off inlay!
  Surprise violence, blood and nudity!!
Poor vocalisations
Inconsistent script
  Difficult to follow
  A bit too long
  Dated character designs

The Japanese commissioned dub means we get the voice cast from all those old Kung Fu movies. Their limited range of voices makes it at times difficult to know who's talking and makes for some annoying accents. The constant planet hopping coupled with a ropy script makes the action difficult to follow especially when the characters occasionally seem to feed you misinformation. The decision to split the movie over two tapes doesn't help matters but the need to keep the running time down is understandable not to mention it's likely it was also done to reduce the video's age rating. After all half the movie means half the violence and nudity!

Speaking of which I was surprised and shocked by this graphic content. It seems the Japanese producer simply redubbed their movie into English without taking into account the new audience that it was being aimed at leaving the overseas distributor to take a risk with what the censors would allow. It's amazing that the normally strict UK censors allowed it to be past uncut for a PG audience!

Most of the faults for this enjoyable space saga lie with the iffy dub and translation. The story is good and the animation is smooth and solid. Maybe a shorter running time would have helped made things easy to manage.

Now for the final part of our triple bill:- the USA version of Chojin Locke...
"Locke The Superpower"
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